Estate Litigation

A trustee or an executor of an estate has to comply with the laws and represent fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries of the assets they are managing. These can be complex legal issues which is why turning to an experienced Arkansas estate litigation lawyer is recommended as soon as possible in the process. The rules related to the estate administration process in Arkansas are found in AR Code § 28-40-101. Furthermore, both trustees and executors can be named in related probate disputes, such as when someone who believes they are entitled to an inheritance files a claim against the executor or argues with the fees the executor wants to be paid. The support of someone with experience can be helpful for creditors, beneficiaries, trustees and other fiduciaries on matters related to multi-state assets, business interests, estates and trusts.

Understanding the Grounds for Estate Litigation in Arkansas

Estate and trust conflicts, will contests, accounting action, inheritance battles, proceedings associated with the interpretation of trusts or wills, fights over money management or trust expenditures, claims against or by fiduciaries and disputes over missing assets or property ownership are just a few examples of the different types of estate litigation that can impact your loved one’s probated estate. In all of these circumstances, the probate process is essentially stalled or stopped and assets inside the estate are used to help pay for this process of managing the claims against the estate. This is undoubtedly frustrating for beneficiaries who are hoping for a streamlined probate process. No matter how the litigation starts, if you are a party to these circumstances, you need to be prepared to retain an estate ligation attorney serving Arkansas as soon as possible.

Not every person who is disgruntled or frustrated with the distribution of an estate will be entitled to open trust or estate litigation. Losing a loved one or a relative can eb very complicated and difficult. You need the advice of a Arkansas estate litigation lawyer who can counsel you through each stage of this process and help you understand circumstances, factors or issues that could derail the case of probate. When these cases go to trial, this can involve things like guardianship disputes, claims against fiduciaries and will and trust contests. You’ll want someone who has vast knowledge of the probate courts and kinds of probate disputes. Someone with an in-depth understanding of estate and trust litigation law will have ample unique experience to bring to the table when it comes to estate or trust disputes.

Probate disputes often intersects with other aspects of a case like corporate securities law, real estate tax law or insurance. An estate litigation attorney in Arkansas who has deep subject matter knowledge and a solid network will be instrumental in helping answer your questions as quickly as possible and preparing you for each stage of the case so that you know what to anticipate and the possible outcomes ta play. There are so many different questions to be answered in the wake of someone filing trust, will or other estate litigation. You deserve to be informed and educated about what is in front of you so that you can navigate this process quickly and effectively.

It’s hard enough dealing with the loss of a loved one without having to think through all the problems this presents for you in terms of a probate dispute. But it’s also your job to educate yourself about the possible fallout from any issue of estate litigation or dispute. In these cases, you need to be prepared for what the next steps will look like and how you can best approach these problems.

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