Trust Litigation

Did a loved one set up a trust for the benefit of you in the future? Administration of streamlined assets in a private manner is a popular reason to turn to a Louisiana trust as an estate planning tool.

But what happens if a trustee is not acting in accordance with his or her legal responsibilities or if a beneficiary is not sure whether or not a trustee has violated the law but has questions about gaining clarity on that issue? These circumstances are all ones that could be addressed by hiring a Louisiana trust litigation lawyer.

A Louisiana trust litigation attorney is there to help either a trustee or beneficiaries who believe they have grounds for a legal case. If a trust has been mismanaged or if a trustee has violated the required responsibility of fiduciary duty to act in accordance with the trust’s terms and in the best interests of the beneficiary, this information could become the source of a trust litigation case. Most people are not familiar with their rights as it relates to a trust as they were not involved in the drafting of the trust and might know little about its actual terms. Retaining legal counsel might seem like a last resort but could be an important step towards protecting your interests or even addressing and resolving the issue outside of court. No matter how you find yourself in this situation, being able to communicate with a lawyer can make a big difference in resolving the case.

Speaking with a trust litigation attorney in Louisiana is strongly recommended if you are unclear about a trustee’s actions or if you have made your best effort as a beneficiary to reach out to a trustee and have received no response. It can be difficult to determine whether or not a trustee’s actions have broken their legal responsibility or any state laws but a thorough investigation managed by a knowledgeable trust litigation attorney can bring clarity to that issue.

If you need support as it relates to trust litigation, you should not proceed on your own. If your best efforts to communicate with a trustee have already been unsuccessful and you have questions to which you need answers, this case should be managed by a dedicated trust litigation attorney. There is a lot at stake when you are the beneficiary of a trust and you might be relying on this inheritance or transfer of assets for your own financial wellbeing.

Learning that a trustee refuses to interact with you or might have engaged in questionable behaviors is devastating when you know what your loved one’s intentions were and had every reason to believe the trustee would act appropriately. It can even be hard for you to identify the evidence in the case if you are not familiar with the trustee’s actions.

A prompt investigation could reveal that there has been unethical or illegal behavior. In these unique circumstances it’s imperative that you get the support of an attorney sooner rather than later. You will avoid many of the most common issues in your case that can delay resolution or further the conflict by seeking out an attorney who can bring a fair and honest perspective to the issues at play.

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