Personal Representative

A Michigan personal representative lawyer can help you if you have been appointed to this important role of closing out the estate affairs for a deceased family member and have questions about the support required to move this through the probate process. As a Michigan personal representative attorney can tell you, there are many different things to think about as you prepare yourself for the legal process. You can also expose yourself to risks based on the work completed as a Michigan personal representative. So it is beneficial to educate yourself on the entirety of this process before getting started.

As a personal representative attorney in Michigan will inform you, you begin the probate process by submitting the death certificate and will to the court. This is used to formally open the probate process and notify heirs about the existence of the probate estate. It is then your responsibility to gather all of the assets inside the probatable estate to allow for the streamline distribution of these. Creditors and other debts associated with the estate, such as taxes, have first priority in terms of payment. And as the personal representative, you must manage the administration of these payments. It becomes very important to retain a Michigan personal representative attorney if you have never served in this role before and have questions about how to best protect your interests and ensure that you have considered all the various aspects of opening and closing probate.

Most people who are appointed in the role of personal representative have not played in this position before and maybe under increased scrutiny from family members who are also entitled to distributions from the estate. Many of them will not have knowledge of the inner workings of how probate is proceeding, meaning that it can be very difficult to move forward with this process and get the support that you need.

You might also be facing claims of conflicts or dispute brought forward by those same family members, making it all the more important to have your own legal representation to support you during this time. An experienced attorney is a valuable asset to have and to turn to, as you have questions about probate, or if you have finished the gathering of all of the assets and want to know what’s next. Each state, including Michigan has specific rules about what happens to the items inside the probate estate and mistakes made with this can expose you to personal liability. That is why it is critical that you have the support of an attorney from the outset of your case to increase your chances of success and make it easier for you to move forward, while also decreasing the possibility of legal claims against you.

If you find yourself in these circumstances, or if a beneficiary inside the estate has already brought a claim against you, you need to be prepared to move forward with defending these situations and protecting yourself from personal liability. Do not hesitate to get help from a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been appointed in the role of personal representative in Michigan.

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